Workplace stress is something that most of us have to deal with on a daily basis. Just this week, we told you about the most stressful jobs for 2016. Well, now it's time to let you know which jobs will cause the least amount of stress.According to, these five professions cause the least amount of stress. The criteria to determine the levels of stress include: travel required, growth potential, deadlines, working with the public, physical demands, life at risk, and environmental conditions.

  • Jarek Joepera
    Jarek Joepera

    Information Security Analyst

    The stress score comes in at 3.80 and the average annual salary is $88,890. You could encounter stressful situations involving others, but this profession ranks as the least stressful of 2016.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

    This career gets a stress score of 4.00, with the average annual salary of $62,540. A big positive of the job is that it allows expectant parents to see their unborn child for the first time. That's always special.

  • Goodluz

    University Professor (Tenured)

    Stress score level is 6.94 and the average annual salary is $70,790. This career has a pretty flexible schedule, and normally allows for creativity to flow freely. 
  • tyler olson
    tyler olson

    Hair Stylist

    Stress level score is a 7.47 and the average annual income is $23,200. The creative aspects of this profession is a true benefit!
  • Gubcio

    Medical Records Technician

    The annual income for a person in this career is $35,900 and the stress level score rates at a 7.55. Organizing and managing health information data is the main requirement.  

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