My Scary Challenge

With Halloween coming, here's the challenge I set for myself. What are the scariest Halloween attractions within an hour or so of Atlantic City, and can I find action photos of them to show you?

My First Scary Realization

The first, rather unexpected thing I encountered was the effects of COVID-19 on the haunted Halloween attraction business.

Two notable New Jersey haunted attractions have decided to close down permanently after the pandemic. R & J Farm in Egg Harbor City is retiring its "Cornfield of Terror" and will instead focus on their hayride and pumpkin patch.

Another scary attraction I've heard good things about over the years but never made it to, Dracula's Domain, in Jackson, has just announced they are closing their doors for good.

What You Should Know About My Scary List

This is not a complete list of every scary attraction in South Jersey and Philadelphia - there are a couple of others. Photos were not available for every attraction.

However, this is a pretty good look at some scary local Halloween attractions, ranging from the shocking to the absolutely frightening, that I was able to find photos of so you could get a sense of how they plan to scare you before you go get scared.

What Are the New Jersey Scary Haunted Attractions

The New Jersey scary Halloween attractions featured here are Egg Harbor Township's Junkyard of Terror, run by the volunteer firefighters of the Scullville Volunteer Fire Company; the Creamy Acres Farm Night of Terror in Gloucester County; and Six Flags Great Adventure's Fright Fest in Jackson, NJ.

How About the Scary Attractions From Philadelphia?

The scariest haunted attraction I expected to show you, Philly's Eastern State Penitentiary's "Terror Behind the Walls," is not happening this year after some people told the organizers that it was actually too scary. It has been replaced by Halloween Nights, which combines some scary and not-so-scary elements. But it should still be really cool to tour through the one-time prison and experience a good scare.

Finally, is Fright Factory, in South Philadelphia, which calls itself "a high scare, high startle, adult-themed haunted house" and was featured on the Travel Channel as one of the scariest haunted attractions in America.

Enjoy, and, Happy Halloween!

The Scariest Halloween Attractions in South Jersey and Philadelphia

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