We lost another rock icon yesterday with the sad passing of Tom Petty, at the young age of 66. I was never a big Petty fan when I was younger until one special summer night in 1980. 

Tom Petty had just released his third album, 'Damn the Torpedoes', which received massive radio air play. For months it seemed like there was a Tom Petty song playing every time I turned on the radio. From 'Refugee' to 'Here Comes My Girl' ,and of course the smash, 'Don't Do Me Like That'.

My friend was fortunate to get a pair of tickets to Tom Petty's sold out show at the legendary Capitol Theater in Passiac, New Jersey. The concert, of course, was fantastic and I instantly became a Petty fan right then and there. We used to go to concerts almost every weekend as kids, some I remember, some I have no recollection of, but, that Petty show stands out to me.

I immediately ran out and bought the 'Damn The Torpedeos' album (which I still have), right after the show. Even looking at the cover of that iconic album brings back memories. I could kick myself for not to going to see the band's 40th Anniversary Tour when it came through Philly over the summer.

Thank you, Tom Petty, for all the great music over the years. May you rest in peace.

Oh and in case you were wondering, here are a few of my favorites from Tom Petty:

  • 1

    'I Won't Back Down'

  • 2

    'Free Fallin'

  • 3

    'Mary Jane's Last Dance'

  • 4


  • 5

    'The Waiting'

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