We have always complained that the Garden State is super expensive, and now we have proof to back it up!

A study was conducted by the National Low Income Housing Coalition and the Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey and there is a good chance you won't like their findings: New Jersey is the 5th most expensive state for renters!

They took it a step further and even did the necessary math to calculate how much someone renting a two bedroom apartment for $1,500 would need to make per hour.

The winning number is....


That breaks down to an annual salary of $60K per year.

So may I just point out that when graduates enter the workforce, the typical starting salary is in the $30K to $40K range depending on the career path.

That's it...I'm moving into a cardboard box because this is just bonkers.

Take a look at the original article breaking down the statistics at NJ.com.

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