One of the highlights from last night's Grammy Awards was the tribute to Glenn Frey from the surviving members of the band, including a very special guest, Jackson Browne. 

What you didn't see, was after the tribute and during the commercials, the remaining members of the band were finally presented with their Grammy for 'Hotel California' which won Album of the Year back in 1977.

Apparently back then, The Eagles didn't want to attend the awards if they weren't guaranteed to win. In the rock genre it was considered 'cheesy' to attend this award show.

Holy wow!! Honoring Glenn Frey. Not televised. You're welcome #theeagles #grammys2016

Posted by Holli Mosley on Monday, February 15, 2016

Check out last nights tribute performance with Jackson Browne -

Here's the classic 'Hotel California' performed live in 1977.


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