When you think of grocery store, there are some giant ones.

I like the smaller grocery stores with wonderful produce.

This is what this garden center and farmers market is all about at the Jersey Shore. We have a lot farmers markets in towns throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties and I love them. This is the perfect time of the year to get those fresh vegetables and fruits.

YovoPhoto, ThinkStock
YovoPhoto, ThinkStock

In a recent article from lovefood.com, they named this garden center and farmers market as the best place to do your grocery shopping in New Jersey.

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Where is the number one place to get some groceries in New Jersey?

It's a garden center and farmers market in Belmar. It's called Matt's Farm Market & Garden Center.

The nice thing about Matt's Farm Market & Garden Center, they are open all year-round. This market and garden center has fresh produce from squash to strawberries. It also has eggs and fresh bread. Plants are also available and potted plants, also.

Sometimes it's so nice to go to an independent grocery store that is so much smaller, a local grocery store, family-owned, small grocery shopping place. That's my favorite. I always say please support our neighbors local business owners and this one is definitely one to check out.

From Matt's Farm Market & Garden Center Facebook page:

Matt's Farm Market & Garden Center is located at 1740 State Route 71 in West Belmar, NJ. They're open everyday for their summer hours 8:30 am - 6:30 pm.

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