Spring is in the air and people are trading their Netflix and Chill dates for dates out and about dates. While there are so many great places to go on a date in South Jersey, others are less than desirable. We could've given you a list of the best dates in South Jersey, but let's face it the worst are funnier.

If you were planning on taking your guy or girl to one of these places you might want to think twice. You can thank us later.

  • Chris McGrath, Getty Images
    Chris McGrath, Getty Images

    The County Landfill/Sewage Treatment Plant/ Recycing Center

    Unless they really love "going green" and want to see how things are recycled in your county, this is a terrible idea. Do we think anyone will actually do this? Probably not, but we better be safe than sorry.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Indian Cabin Rd.

    We took the time to read up on Indian Cabin Rd. and it was enough for us to safely say never take a date there. There are so many creepy stories that go along with the road, so just stay away. This is how horror movies start. You can read some creepy storied from Weird NJ.

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    Mattie Brown's Tombstone EHT Police Department

    There is a tombstone at the EHT Police Department of an unknown woman named Mattie Brown from the 1800's. The grave nor the family was ever found so the tombstone has been at the police department for years. We can't image the EHT Police Department really want people wandering around looking for the tombstone. Read about the tombstone here.

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    Any Police or Fire Station

    While we love that you support our everyday heroes, you'll just be getting in their way. They don't need random people walking around, whether you are inside or outside. Appreciate them from a distance so they can do their jobs.

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    The Beach

    I know the beach is a favorite place to spend the day in South Jersey, but hear us out. Unless you've been dating for a while this is a terrible idea. People get very self conscious at the beach. You want to make sure you make the person feel comfortable around you when you're on a date and the beach may be the worst place to go for that.

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