Between now and the end of February, you are bound to see social media posts from people feeling a little rattled by the sound of loud aircraft flying over their homes at night in South Jersey.

It happens everytime the 177th 'Jersey Devils' come out at night.

The New Jersey Air National Guard will be conducting nighttime flight training through the end of the month, which means some local residents may hear a loud F-16 fighter engine above them.

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The New Jersey Air National Guard's 177th Fighter Wing has alerted residents that they will be conducting night-flying training from starting Tuesday, Feb 9 through the end of February.

The New Jersey Air National Guard operates the F-16 C/D Flying Falcon, also known as the Viper. The single-engine, multi-role fighter is used for air-to-air combat.

The 177th has said in the past that the training flights are designed to help prepare mission-capable, combat-ready airmen and aircraft for the homeland defense mission and world-wide deployment in support of U.S. Air Force objectives.

In a Facebook post announcing the night-flight training, the 177th Fighter Wing asked for patience during the important training period.

The 177th Fighter Wing will be conducting required night-flying training starting today, Feb. 9, through the end of February, 2021, to maintain mission-capability and combat-readiness.
Thank you for the continued support of your Jersey Devils.

The 177th Fighter Wing has been located at Atlantic City International Airport in Egg Harbor Township since 1958. Their mission aircraft is the single seat F-16C Fighting Falcon.

Since October 1998, the 177th has had an active involvement in Operation Noble Eagle, Southern Watch, Northern Watch, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Here's a really cool video of a night-flight take off from the 177th...

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