Whether you are happy without a partner or not, being single in the Garden State can be rough.

But here is the thing. A bunch of data was just released by Wallethub.com that states that New Jersey is allegedly the 12th best state in the country for singles.


Let's dive into the specific subcategories because I have a feeling whoever put this data together isn't living the single life in New Jersey.

Dating Opportunities Rank: 9

Dating Economics Rank: 37 (Not surprised at this one at all. Things are expensive as heck here lol) 

Romance & Fun Rank: 9

There were a lot of categories that these rankings were based on: Highest/Lowest Median Annual Household Income; Highest Gender Balance of Singles; Most Online-Dating Opportunities...and so on and so forth....

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So here is my thing. For three months, the Jersey Shore becomes a one stop shop for tourists. There are beaches, warm weather, boats, boardwalks, restaurants, bars, parties and a massive amount of people coming and going each week.

Oh yea....sounds like the PERFECT recipe for dating.

Plus, depending on the Jersey Shore town, you are either inundated by families and couples or singles wreak havoc during the typical Summer partying procedures. Try meeting a quality guy in that environment. I dare you.

I also live right along the coast and it is kind of empty during these colder months. So I am feeling kind of stuck between the two extremes. Cool.

Long story short....I am calling this dating rank of the Garden State an absolute BOFOONERYYYY. (Yes, I just made up that word)

And I can't be the only one who thinks that.

Take a look at the original romantic rankings at APP.com and WalletHub.com.

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