We are just 11 days away from the first official day of Summer. The countdown to June 20th can't come soon enough.

But once it starts, we only have three solid months to take advantage of the beach, the bay, the boat life, the beach bars.....you pick up what I'm putting down, right?

But this piece is not going to be addressed to anyone who lives in the heart of the South Jersey. You are the people who I believe will fully relate to what I am about to say.

To my lovely friends and family who live inland or not at the Jersey Shore at all: STOP INVITING ME PLACES DURING THE SUMMER.

Okay...that sounds harsh so let me explain.

First of all: If I am invited for a big life event, this post does NOT apply to you.

For example, my family and I will be heading out towards Western New Jersey for my sister's college graduation celebration this upcoming Saturday. I am PUMPED and it is gonna be a partayyy.

This post is intended for people who are looking to just "hang out" or chill.....for example, like one of my co-workers named Mario.

Now I love Mario. We talk all the time and his daughter is the cutest.

But he lives 45 minutes inland and he has invited me for a get mini together at his house during Memorial Day Weekend AND this upcoming weekend.

"We could hang out in my backyard, play games and have a few drinks."

I didn't know what else to do but be direct:

"Mario, I love you and your family but I am not traveling AWAY from the beach during a Summer weekend...and on Memorial Day Weekend at that. Plus, we did that during quarantine! It is time to go out and explore South Jersey!"

So just a little heads up to everyone who lives out of town: We love and miss you too.

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But stop trying to get us to leave the shore when we only get three months of prime time weather, summer events and a killer social scene.


And you can bet your bottom that Carolina (who is pictured above) agrees with me.

But please know that I write this message with love but my beach time is very important to me. It is where I do a majority of my thinking and my writing.

I am also someone who gets really sad from January to March because of the lack of sun. I need the vitamin D.

But on that note: I tell all of my friends and family to please come down and take advantage of my location.

Seriously....there is nothing like being at the Jersey Shore during the Summer time.

See you out there and remember, wear sun screen.

Nicole S Murray XOXO.

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