Sometimes there’s a lull in the conversation at Thanksgiving. Far worse, sometimes there’s a political war about to erupt. Either way you could use a fun distraction.

Listeners of Deminski & Doyle were invited to call in with words they creatively dreamed up. Not real words at all but some are worth rooting for eventual inclusion. So when things need a change of course at Thanksgiving challenge your relatives to figure out what these made-up words mean.


The state of always or perpetually being petulant.


An avalanche of crap released by opening the door to an overstuffed closet or cupboard.


A person’s name written by using their finger and not a stylus directly onto a screen.


Having been forced to volunteer; having been told it is mandatory to volunteer.

Bong bong

The saliva strands that can stretch from a person’s top teeth to their bottom teeth and twang when they talk like the bong bonging of guitar strings.


A tourist who gets in the way of locals and acts like a moron.


The feeling one has when searching for a parking space in a busy lot and following people who are walking to their cars to see if you can snag their space.