If you have been hoping EHT schools would finally expand their kindergarten program to full-day, you will have to keep waiting.

Egg Harbor Township schools will continue to offer only half-day kindergarten classes for the 2017-2018 school year.

According to Laura Stetzer's report in The Current of Egg Harbor Township, even though full-day kindergarten has been on the school district's wish list for some time, the financial bottom line won't allow it now without a tax increase.

Linwood is the only other school district in Atlantic County that only offers half-day kindergarten.

Egg Harbor Township school district officials estimate that 100 additional students would enroll in the kindergarten program if it were expanded to full-day. Those families now pay for full-day kindergarten elsewhere.

But, the district also estimates it would require ten additional teachers and other staffers to keep the little rug-rats occupied the whole day.

What if the 100 families paying to send their kids someplace else just paid a little extra to keep them close to home? Too complicated?  I don't know.

There is the possibility of additional state funding for Egg Harbor Township public schools in the future, but, for now, it remains half day only for kindergartners in Egg Harbor Township.


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