Spooky season is officially upon us and this has to be the coolest restaurant to check out if you’re a Halloween freak like I am.

Beetle House is a restaurant/bar located in New York City and Los Angeles that will have your Halloween heart bursting at the seams. There are only two of these in the entire country, so living so close to New York City is such a win for us!  It’s best known as “-the most strange and unusual dining experience in New York City!” and just by the looks of it, I’d say I have to agree. Not only is the menu stacked with on-brand gourmet dishes, but you’ll be able to catch some of your favorite spooky characters throughout your visit as well.


The restaurant has gained a ton of traction online by Halloween fans across the country because of how immersive this experience really is. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton’s movies, this place is a MUST-STOP for you.

You’ll see characters like Oogie Boogie and Beetlejuice as well as characters from other horror movies like Chucky the Doll and more! This is the perfect way to get your non-spooky friends into the holiday spirit this year and will be an experience you’ll never forget! Due to high demand, you should make a reservation for Beetle House.


They aren’t necessarily required, but their website does mention that in order to secure a table for dinner service, you need to put down a credit card. This is the perfect way to start off a spooky season or even end it!

If you plan on giving Beetle House NYC a shot, I would make a reservation sooner rather than later! Happy Halloween 2023!

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