Starbucks, Frosted Lemonade, Secret MenuThere are a lot of retail chains in New Jersey that have "hidden menus" or "exclusive seasonal items." I guess it is to keep us New Jerseyans on our toes.

Starbucks has a brand new menu item that...yes, you guess HIDDEN!

But it is the perfect refreshment for Summer so it is time to find it.

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The new exclusive drink is Starbuck's Frosted Lemonade!

According to, you can't order the drink by name. Instead, you have to give the barista directions on how to make the secret drink.

I guess it is to keep this secret concoction under wraps. Like SUPER exclusive....

Here is how you order it:

A grande lemonade with light coconut milk, 2 pumps of liquid cane syrup and then be sure to ask for it double blended.

My god that sounds refreshing.

And imagine this recipe with a little bit of Malibu Rum thrown into the mix. I know....I am trouble. LOL.

If there are any other top secret Summer concoctions out there, let us know because, well, trying these fun Summer drinks is one of the only things we got going for this jacked up Summer.

Thank you to Diana Tyler from 92.7 WOBM for this awesome tip.

Now...I'll race you to Starbucks!

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