If you're itching to become one with nature this season, you may want to check out one of these eerie trails. Or don't. We can't promise you that they aren't haunted.

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    Double Trouble State Park - Ocean County

    Double Trouble State Park is located in Ocean County. The Park has a 1.5 mile looping nature trail. A large mystery surrounds this park; fully grown pine trees lay on the ground in a circle, showing no damage to the trees or the ground, which leaves observers to speculate that it could not have been a meteor or tornado. Some say a UFO landed here and left the area haunted because technology goes haywire only around the curious site.

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    The Pine Barrens

    The Pine Barrens is home to the folklore legend, the Jersey Devil. Many people, ranging from present day back to the 17th century, have shared horror stories of the Devil haunting them when out in the deep forests of the Pines. Those who have spotted the Jersey Devil claimed it has a horse's head with glowing eyes, large bat wings, hooves for feet and claws for hands. People say the Devil strikes in the dead of night, screeching before it attacks. Unfortunate campers and daring hikers have had their phones, cameras, and cars stolen or destroyed by the beast. Be cautious and dare at your own risk.

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    Villas - Cape May

    Cape May is one of America's most haunted towns. Yet, residents claim the ancient Victorian spirits are more friendly. Cape May has an array of spooky places that are easier to experience for the more fainthearted and are family-friendly. Tours are offered to explore multiple haunted houses or dine in the haunted Washington Inn where ghosts can be heard and spotted in photos taken. People can also hike along the shores wildlife trails and wonder down to the Cape May Bunker which used to store guns in World War II to fight against Nazi submarines. Here, people have spotted a phantom crew wondering around the bunker's shore.

    It is also noted by StrangerUSA.com that there's an eerie story behind a particular wooded trail by the M.U.A. factory. Apparently a young boy, Johnpat, has been seen wondering the area from time to time. Spooky!

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