People who like, really love it. There is a certain skill to knowing how to prepare delicious barbeque or smoked meats and the South Jersey places that do it well are local treasures.

We have put together a gallery of the area's best.

What Makes a Great BBQ Restaurant?

Honestly, that answer is different than for just about any other food specialty. A writer for Food & Wine made the observation that great barbeque will usually not be found in places with host stands and cocktail menus. It will not be found in establishments owned by people who refer to their restaurants as concepts.

There won’t be appetizers, and there probably won’t be table service, or anyone asking if you have dined with them before and are you familiar with how the menu works. The decor, ideally, should be accidental.

Great Barbeque is All About The meat

It is most definitely about the meat, and whoever is patiently working the pit. They will not feel compelled to feed throngs of people, sticking rather to what can be comfortably prepared each day at the highest level of quality. When it’s gone, it is gone, and that’s absolutely fine—there’s always another day.

Are All of the Places featured Exclusively Barbecue Places?

No, they are not. But, all of the places I could find that specialize in barbeque meats in South Jersey are included. Also included are local spots where you can get a good rack of ribs, an excellent pulled pork sandwich, or an interesting take on smoked or barbeque foods.

If I missed a wonderful barbeque eatery that you love, please tell me in the comments section so I can add them to my list of South Jersey's most amazing places for delicious BBQ!


South Jersey's Most Amazing Places For Delicious BBQ

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