If you are like me, the most unexpected thing you ever found in the washing machine was a wrinkled old concert ticket or that missing odd sock. Carol Jess has a much better story than us. She found a snake in her washing machine.

Jess, from Upper Pittsgrove Township in Salem County, told NJ.com she was emptying a load of laundry from her washer Friday when she saw a 3 foot-long black snake in the bottom of the machine. Yikes! That would be the last load of wash I ever did.

Jess is a farm girl, though. She just took a quick video of  the snake in the machine and then closed the washer lid and waited for her husband to return home.

But, by the time hubby came to home to do reptile removal, the snake was gone, apparently finding his way out the same way he got in.

Take a look at the Carol's video of the snake in her washing machine!

Source: NJ.com

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