It is official: smoking is officially prohibited on all South Jersey beaches.

But here is the interesting part....

The town is expecting that they will not really need anyone additional personnel to enforce the new rule because in the past, the public has universally accepted these smoking bans once they are made known.

"Most people, once you tell them, they oblige," said Mayor Anthony Vaz of Seaside Heights.

Smoking bans similar to the one issued has already been in place for Harvey Cedars since 2013 and Ship Bottom since 2017 and both areas have said that there have zero summons issued to enforce the smoking bans.

Employees have been trained to politely alert smokers who may not notice the signs or try to disobey the new law.

Those who do choose to disobey, however, will end up paying for it -- literally.

The first fine will cost $250, the second will cost $500, and $1,000 for the third as well as any subsequent offenses. Sounds like an expensive cigarette to me.

So what do you think? Is this system feasible?

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