My foodies of South Jersey will definitely be happy in 2018 because some of the restaurants opening up this year look irresistible.

Are you hungry yet? Good, cause I am starving so let's go!

Take a look and take your pick.

MudHen Brewing Co.
Opening: Sometime in 2018
Where: 127 W. Rio Grand Ave, Wildwood

This brewery and smokehouse is a bit more historical than one would think. Named after the 1883 West Jersey Railroad, the "MudHen" with the underlying meaning of "I think I can," it should be interesting to see what these guys come up with.

Geets Diner
Opening: June 2018
Where: Williamstown
Website: Under construction

This local landmark closed back in 2016 due to bankruptcy after doing over 60 years of business. Well now the new owners are working to restore this beloved spot so that future generations can enjoy the same family-oriented spot that the owners say they did when they were kids.

For the full list of new restaurant openings to New Jersey, click here.

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