Linwood resident Chris Ferry Sr. who will be turning 62-years-old on March 16th was given a rather creative birthday present this year.

His son, Michael Ferry, actually put up a billboard in Atlantic City saying, "Wish my Dad a Happy Birthday, Love your Son," along with his cellphone number and a picture of his face.

Since the billboard went up, Chris has received hundreds of texts and phone calls from other South Jersey residents wishing him a Happy Birthday.

But then his son took it a step further and put a picture of the billboard up on social media and Chris has been receiving birthday love from people all over the country.

"I'm totally flattered. I'm enjoying the attention. It's all cool," said Ferry, who added he has unlimited talk, data and text on his cellphone plan (thank goodness). "My phone is blowing up."

If you want to go see this billboard in person, it is located on the right hand side of the pike right before the intersection with West End Avenue. It will be up until at least April 6th!

Take a look at the touching birthday billboard at

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