Wes Moore, who worked as bar manager at Charlie's Bar in Somers Point for 39 years, and was an institution at the popular wings and a beer joint on Shore Road, died Monday at age 60.

According to his obituary, Wes was born in Somers Point and was a graduate of Mainland Regional High School class of 1975. A celebration of his life will be held on Saturday, Feb. 11 from 1-5pm at Greate Bay Country Club.

It is a sad time for all who knew this friendly, funny, happy man.

But, it is also beautiful to see a business show such love when paying tribute to an employee, as Charlie's has done with their Facebook eulogy of Wes. We should all be so lucky to be so well remembered by the company where we work.

Here is how Charlie's Bar has remembered Wes Moore on their Facebook page.

"We are going to miss you tremendously Wesley Moore. 39 years of being a loyal company man who set the pace at Charlie’s Bar slinging cocktails & pouring beers but you did a lot more. Always smiling and greeting everyone before your shift started, putting your jacket on the hook, peeking through the office door and saying hello - asking how our children were every shift. You were kind, thoughtful, funny, a hat trick indeed…

You were our Captain, our Sam Malone, and the one who made everything better by looking at the bright side of things. You listened to us when we said it’s not busy, you told us not to worry it will get busy soon or it’s the weekend before a Holiday weekend it’s supposed to be steady like this.

You kept us in line as a father figure taking us out for our 21st birthdays for nights we will never forget or never let down. You were a dear friend to every employee helping whenever and however you could. When YES was playing on the jukebox we knew it was you bopping your head back and forth. Did you know that he went to 100 YES concerts? Who knew…?

Whether it was manning the Grill at the Pig Roast Party or Raising Money for MS you always did the best possible job. We are going to Miss you Wes Moore wishing you could pour us one more. RIP"


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