First and foremost: I hope everyone is safe today. Those roads may not look like it, but they are slick.

But now to my main point for writing this.

I was driving home from work yesterday in the middle of the messy weather so I could get to my apartment and then stay off the roads for the day.

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On my way home, I took Route 9 in Northfield, thinking it would be easy enough to get home without issue. Anyway, I was minding my own business when a silver car that was driving in front of me had a huge chunk of ice (maybe it was snow) come flying off their car and onto my windshield.

I am usually very good at remaining calm and collected but I let out the biggest shriek of my life. Those few seconds that I did not have a visual on the road could have very well resulted in me having an awful accident and I am very lucky that it did not happen.

The roads are icy so to effectively break, you needed to start slowing down at least a few seconds earlier.

PLEASE...and we have written about this topic already but....PLEASE clean off your car before you drive because this instance is one of the biggest reasons why.

This includes snow AND ice because as your car warms up, either wintry material will go FLYING off your car which means that it could cause an accident for anyone around you.

I beg of everyone to think before you drive.

No matter how late you are matter how tired you are....CLEAN YOUR CAR OFF because one chunk of snow could cause a catastrophic accident and how will you feel then?

I thank you for your time and stay safe.

Nicole S. Murray.

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