The kids love a snow day and staying home from school, but making it a fun day can be a challenge for parents.

If you are lucky enough to be able to stay home with the kids today, you won't have to worry about an emergency babysitter or daycare, but you may still have to play camp counselor in charge of  fun snow day activities.

Here are some snow day ideas to keep those kids busy and happy today. This is by no means a complete list, so if you have a good snow day suggestion to add, tell me about it in the comments section below. Enjoy your snow day!

Outdoor Classics

1. Have a snowball fight. Use a snowballer or a snowball slingshot to get an advantage over your competition.

2. Build a snowman or a snow family.

3. Shovel a neighbor's walkway.

4. Make snow angels.

5. Go sledding.

6. Build a fort or igloo. Try using a snow block mold for precision construction.

7. Tie a rope to a sled and play snow dog by taking turns pulling each other along.

8. Spread bird seed for the birds and squirrels.

9. Look for animal tracks in the snow.

10. Mix food coloring with water outside in a watering can or spray bottle. Draw, write and decorate the snow.

Cozy Inside

11. Make fancy hot chocolates with marshmallows, whipped cream and sprinkles.

12. Bake cookies, muffins, bread or a cake.

13. Put together a big or challenging puzzle.

14. Pretend you're newscasters reporting on the storm in outrageous and dramatic fashion. Record each others' broadcasts and then play them back. Vote on which ridiculous story would get the best ratings.

15. Build a fort out of chairs and blankets. Put pillows inside and hide out.

16. Have an indoor picnic or beach party. Turn up the heat a little, put on shorts and t-shirts, and spread out a blanket or towels in the living room. Hula!

17. Make snow cones.

18. Kids love crafts. Give it a try and smile.

19. Pretended you are stranded during the blizzard of the century. Devise ways to make contact with the outside world, like using flashlights to flash Morse code. Use walkie-talkies (real or pretend) to communicate from different areas of the house.

20. Play games. board games are the all-American parents great stand-bu. You can also download free games to play on your computer. Kids also love classic games like Freeze Tag or Simon Says.

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