Big news from Hammonton.  Skippy, the neighborhood fox has finally been captured and life in Hammonton can return to normal. Well, as normal as things get in 2020 anyway.

Hammonton's David Liberto shared his adventure of finally catching a red fox nicknamed Skippy, who has been making his presence known in David's neighborhood over the past few weeks.

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David called in help from the Atlantic County Wildlife Aid Center, to try to find a humane way to corral the fox and safely relocate him from the neighborhood to some place more conducive to a fox.

David chronicled his victory on Facebook...

Fellow Hammontonian’s it gives me great relief to tell everyone that I was able to safely trap the little manage red fox  aka Skippy.
He has been visiting our neighborhood and staying in my backyard for the last few weeks. I’ve been working with the Atlantic County Wildlife Aid Center 609-927-0538 for the past few weeks and they have been fantastic!! Their devotion is commendable to say the least!!

A fox is not an uncommon sight in South Jersey residential neighborhoods these days, as they come a little closer to humans looking for food.

But, as David suggests, the idea of a wild animal roaming around in a neighborhood with children or small pets playing in it could lead to an unfortunate situation.

So feel free to let the small children and small pets out to play again because our little Skippy is now in great hands and will be taking care of until Skippy can return to the wilderness!!

Good job, David and the folks at the Atlantic County Wildlife Aid Center!

Live long and run free, Skippy!

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