New Jersey elementary schools now MUST have at least one 20-minute recess per day as a result of a law signed by Governor Phil Murphy.

While most schools already have a daily recess period, this bill being passed is out of concern that kids' play time is being canceled or cut into for test preparation -- aka taking away their much needed play time and exercise.

This bill was first introduced back in 2009 with childhood obesity being one of the main points behind passing the law through but Christie vetoed it.

Well now, it is a reality!

The only time kids can be forced to miss their recess is if they do something that violates their code of conduct but instead of simply punishing, there must be restorative steps taken to repair the harm from their actions while also hopefully avoiding the same mistake to happen again.

Here are my two major problems I have with this new law.

1. A student cannot miss more than two days of recess per week - the unfortunate truth is that kids are mean and there is without a doubt things done at school that is deserving of missing an entire week of recess. I know overall recess is needed but there do need to be exceptions.

2. Why is this law only being put into place for elementary schools? - I understand that maybe high schoolers are a little less physically active during their rest time but that does not mean that they are in need for a break during their jam packed day. If anything, they are in more need of the mental rest because the content gets harder and they have to start making life decisions of what comes next.

What do you think of this new rule? Comment below!

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