I absolutely LOVE Halloween and despise people who wear costumes that they clearly did not put a lot of effort into.

Well, it is time to represent South Jersey because, as we all know, we are truly one of  a kind.

So here are some South Jersey themed Halloween costumes that I am sure will win you contests and catch the eye of many.

Gas Attendant

With all this talk of how expensive gas is getting, there has been whispers of making Jersey a pump-your-own state like the rest of the commoners. (Ew!) So not only is this an epic Jersey trade mark, but could soon be a memento of the past.

Pork Roll

You can only get a good pork roll in New Jersey and trust me, it is true because I have talked to other friends who live out of state. So represent and make sure to have the words "Pork Roll" in plain sight so you don't hear Taylor Ham at all throughout your evening.


Local Summer has officially kicked off which means the bennies are gone! But they do bring us a lot of business and give us locals something to people watch while we enjoy our pizza on the boardwalk so I guess they should be honored a little bit.


E-A-G-L-E-S! They won last year, so let's make sure our support level is coming in strong! Say it loud and say it proud. This is Eagles territory baby!


You only need a few specific pieces of clothing, a whistle, and maybe some sunscreen on the nose for a decent lifeguard costume. Plus, they keep us safe all Summer long so why not show them some love?

Chris Christie

We all know that photo. All of the Jersey Shore is told they are not allowed on the beach and yet who do we spot soaking up the sun in his beach chair? That's right - CHRISTIE! And no, we don't plan on ever letting him live it down.

Tram Car

All you need to do is literally paint a cardboard box with the same pattern and then repeatedly move throughout the evening saying "Watch the tram car, please," on repeat. I am sure everyone will have a good laugh.

Did I forget any major ideas? Don't hesitate to Comment Below so everything can be decked out in South Jersey attire!

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