Six Flags Great Adventure is beyond ecstatic to welcome their newest addition.

Meet the rare now-six-week-old Siberian tiger cub: Carli! (Who was named after New Jersey native soccer player, Carli Lloyd)

Believe it or not, Carli is only the second tiger cub born in 15 years at Six Flags!

Carli is currently being raised by the animal care team and guests will be able to see Carli in Six Flags Great Adventure's Safari Discoveries section soon.

Carli is the first cub to mom Nadya and the animal care team plans to reintroduce the two and her "unique aunt," the African lion Zuri, when Carli is a bit older.

“Tigers are typically solitary animals, while lions are more social. The strong bond that Carli’s mom Nadya shares with lion Zuri will hopefully mean that the trio will become their own pride one day,” said Dr. Keiffer.

This successful birth is a huge event at the Jersey Shore because Siberian tigers, aka the largest cats in the world, are endangered and there are estimated to be fewer than 500 Siberian tigers left in the wild.

Take a look at this adorable video below. Try and watch it without saying "aw." I dare you.

Six Flags. What do I have to do to hold Carli?! Because I don't want that adorable little nugget, I NEED her.

But in all seriousness, Congrats to the Six Flags staff.

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