You know the deal: you are in a rush so the lines at the store are longer than ever.

There is a new technology being introduced by a company called Spruce Bot and it is a robot that will help check customers out and keep track of customers' individual shopping habits and personal details.

When consumers connect to this robot using a store's Wi-Fi, they will be tied into the system and will give them access to discounts and even be able to check out while having automated access to rewards card programs. (also referred to as the "handshake checkout")

According to, this is what people can expect with this robot:

"Picture this scenario: You walk up to the store and before you walk in, the clerk not only greets you by name, but asks about something the two of you talked about weeks ago. Or you visit your barber, who doesn't have to ask the usual questions about blade length or style preference."


"...once customers find a product they're interested in, they can simply remove the price tag, hand it to a sales person and walk out the door."

The idea is that customers are more likely to put back the items they planned to purchase  if the lines are long so companies are hoping this tactic will deter it from happening.

Employees can also use these robots to keep notes on each individual customers remembering previous conversations, product preferences or even how often a customer is visiting the store.

This new technology is slowly being rolled out and hopefully will hit the Jersey Shore sometime soon!

So, what do YOU think?

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