I JUST learned what a Shoobie is and can I just say...HOW RUDE!

Here is what I found on Urban Dictionary:

"Regional nickname denoting a tourist who visits the southern Jersey shore. This term originated in the 1920's when tourists who were visiting the beaches were easily identified by the shoeboxes they brought to carry their lunches. But now, it is any person who looks out of place while at the beach.  They like to stay all summer long, they litter the beaches because they don't clean up after themselves, and they stop at the E-Z Pass trying to put money in it. They suck at driving and they are easy to spot because they take photos of unimportant events in their life like walking on the boardwalk. They usually can be identified by their black party socks with shorts and flip-flops and/or a severe sunburn."


A. I am from up North and I must say....R U D E! You live near the beach and it is time that your Mom taught you how to share.

B. Don't blame Shoobies for your messy beaches! Everyone, even the people who live here, don't pick up after themselves.

C. I know what an E-Z Pass is but thanks for asking

D. Maybe we take selfies on the boardwalk because we have to travel longer to get there so it feels like more of an occasion -- don't take what you can easily have at your disposal for granted.

Rant is now done.

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