Buying a home is a HUGE investment and it could be a life-changing experience. Some people love the hustle and bustle of living in a big city, while others enjoy the quaint atmosphere of living in a small town.

Whichever you prefer, there are certain advantages for both. If you ever wondered just how much more space you get for your money living in a smaller town than opting for the big city, keep reading.

First up, we have a 2 bedroom condo on 181st St located next to the restaurant and cafe scene which is listed for $499,000, according to Zillow. This condo features a renovated bathroom, new fixtures, restored hardwood floors and super high ceilings all for just a shade under $500K, according to Matthew Bizzarro and The Bizzarro Agency.

Now, check out what $490K will buy you closer to home in Ocean City, New Jersey. This beautiful 3 bedroom condo has hardwood floors, wrap around deck family room, french doors, deck and attractive amenities from Zillow. The cost is even $10,000 less than the NYC condo, according to Kathy Ridge from Shore Living Reality.

Personally, I know some people love the idea of living in the big city, but I'd opt for a small town especially by the beach each and every time.

Which would YOU choose?


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