Sunday's weather was AMAZING and gave us a taste of what is to come this Summer.

So of course I spent a portion of my day soaking up the sun at the beach because...well...who wouldn't?

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But while I was at the beach, I saw something that seriously surprised.

A family was throwing pieces of cereal to feed the seagulls.

I hope your jaw is open and your eyes are wide as you read this now.

Okay....a few things...

I am very glad that nothing escalated here because sometimes when you feed seagulls, it can attract a whole bundle of those birds who will no doubt be aggressive because they know that food is in the vicinity.

Why risk that?

We have had problems in South Jersey with seagulls getting aggressive and even swooping down to steal food out of the hands of boardwalk visitors.

If you feed them, their crazy behavior is being positively reinforced.

Ocean City has already gone to the extremes of hiring a company that puts hawks, falcons and even a large owls to keep those seagulls at bay.

If the town is paying for that, guess whose pocket it comes out of? And if you are feeding the seagulls, you are basically undoing the work the town has put in to keep the seagulls at bay.

Also if I may....if you decide to feed the seagulls as a South Jersey visitor that is coming down for a week, you are provoking a situation that you won't be here to help fix.

Locals, future visitors and who knows who else will have to deal with the aggressive Seagulls that are getting going because of the food you gave them.

This could get dangerous. Seagulls have proven that they will do WHATEVER it takes to get their hands on human food.

If you give them a will rev them up to get going again.


And I bet you other locals will feel the same.

A lot of you have started writing in to me on topics and I am LOVING IT. So email me at whether you agree or not.

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