Resorts Casino Hotel is hoping to get the approval to expand their Landshark Bar & Grill on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, according to a report by Press of AC.

Have you ever arrived at Landshark and struggled to find a seat? Well good news -- that is one of the major areas that this expansion will focus upon.

“We are pleased to announce a major project to expand the venue at the Boardwalk entrance with an all new Boardwalk deck and a large-capacity bar which will provide much needed outdoor seating with food and beverage service,” said Mark Giannantonio, president and CEO of Resorts, and David Crabtree, president and CEO of IMC-USA, the company that owns Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurants.

If approved, the newly expanded Landshark will have 18 new restaurant seats and 32 new bar seats. Plus, there would be a new 2,300 square-foot deck with 94 dining seats on the boardwalk side but not actually connected to the boardwalk.

They are also hoping to expand their parking lot and gain 7 additional parking spaces.

Keep your fingers crossed that this project gets approved!

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