Well this is not the announcement I was expecting to hear from Red Lobster.

This just in: Red Lobster has just debuted a brand new cocktail...with Mountain Dew?

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As part of Red Lobster's brand new partnership with Pepsi, the seafood chain is now serving a Mountain Dew Margarita.

 Dew Garita which I do admit is a pretty cute and clever name.

The restaurant says that the recipe is top secret....but uh, they released the ingredients needed to make it? Maybe there is a secret ingredient that they did not reveal, who knows.

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And you know Red Lobster's killer Cheddar Bay Biscuits? Well this cocktail is designed to pair with them perfectly.

Now for me, this drink sounds like a hangover waiting to happen because of the sweetness. But if you are a margarita kinda person, I feel like this is something you would want to try at least once.

Select Red Lobsters will be offering this drink -- some just for the month and others will serve it through the end of the year.

For more information on this new Mountain Dew-inspired cocktail coming to Red Lobster, head to NJ.com to check out the original article.

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