Good news! The off-season re-decking work on the Ocean City Boardwalk is finished and the famous boardwalk is now open from end to end.

We can't wait for hot, summer nights on the Ocean City Boardwalk!

Here's a press release from Ocean City about the completed work and projects scheduled to be finished before summer 2017.

"The full length of the Ocean City Boardwalk reopened on Wednesday, Feb. 15. Pedestrians, runners and bicyclists are no longer being detoured.
A wide stretch of completed decking is now in place along the storefronts in a project area between Eighth Street and 10th Street. Work to restore the full width of the boardwalk, to rebuild entrances at Eighth Street and Ninth Street, to construct five new boardwalk pavilions, and to re-install railings and light posts continues. The project remains on schedule to be fully complete by the end of March.
The work is part of the fourth phase of a multiyear project to completely rebuild the boardwalk between Fifth Street and 12th Street.
The project work runs only in the off-season and began at Fifth Street in fall 2013. It will continue from 10th Street to 12th Street in 2017-18 and with the reconstruction of boardwalk ramps between Eighth Street and 12th Street (2018-19).
Sections of decking were constructed off-site and lowered into place by a crane. This method proved efficient in the first three phases of the project.The decking is made from southern yellow pine with a thickness of 3 inches, about twice that of traditional boardwalk planks.
Fred M. Schiavone Construction has a $3 million contract to complete this phase of the project."


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