After months of delays, the new Dave and Buster's is now open in Atlantic City.  The new entertainment complex takes up 22,000 square feet at 2120 Atlantic Avenue, between Tangier's Outlets and Caesar's.

A Fun Place for Families or Adults


  • Over 100 arcade games

Dave and Buster's is a mood changer.  From the time you enter, you're struck by an abundance of lights and sounds.  They offer over a hundred games of all types of arcade games.  Play solo, or better yet, bring some friends.  Many of the games give you a chance to win tickets that you can redeem for prizes.

  • Adults or Family's

This is one of those rare places where you can be comfortable bringing your kids or hanging with your adult friends.  It's all about good, clean fun.

  • Dave and Buster are real people

Dave and Buster are in fact, real people.  The story of these two men is very cool.  They each owned individual businesses.  Buster had a restaurant and Dave had an entertainment venue.  Both were very good at what they did and decided to combine forces.  The result of this partnership was one of the most successful businesses of it's type, Dave and Buster's.

  • First Dave and Buster's was in Texas

The first Dave and Buster's opened in Dallas in 1982.

An Unusual World Record

  • Dave and Buster's is represented in The Guinness Book of World Records

According to, a man named Joseph Levy Cohen landed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2017 by gathering the longest chain of redemption tickets.  he won 360,000 tickets that measured over 29,000 feet in length.

In addition to the games, Dave and Buster's has established the reputation for having very good food at fair prices.  They also have a giant wall of televisions for those who might want to stop in to take in a game and a beverage.

The Untold Truth Of Dave & Buster's (

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