It is no secret that the next few days are going to be filled with gloomy weather -- and just as we were adapting to the idea of Summer!

Well that does not mean that fun has to stop in South Jersey!

Pick yourself back up, throw on a sweater, and let's get to it.


There are always new flicks out and to be honest, I am pretty behind so may take these next few days to play catch up. On my list are "A Quiet Place," "Life of the Party," and "I Feel Pretty."


Listen, if you get me in a pair of bowling shoes then I am going to play and play TO WIN. Get a few cocktails, a few guilty-pleasure snacks, and just have some good-old fashioned competitive fun.


Head over to just about any boardwalk because they all have arcades with those classic arcade games that never get old. There is no replacing the feel of kicking your Mom's butt at arcade bowling.

Out To Eat

Maybe all you need is a nice, relaxing dinner at an indoor restaurant to unwind when the weather is not so glamorous. There are plenty of options in South Jersey, all depending on what type of food or environment you are in the mood for.

Take A Nap

Don't judge me...but it is one of my favorites. And if you have pets, they are that much more likely to snuggle when there is gloomy weather outside.


Take those rainy days as an opportunity to get fancy with those recipes that you have not yet dared to try. How does this sound: you bake, you eat, you nap. You are welcome.

Sip And Paint

There are plenty of locations around that offer various different sessions with different paintings! Grab a bottle of wine -- because I know how much you hate that -- grab some of your gal pals, and paint away while completely ignoring the disaster outside.

Did I miss anything? Comment Below!

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