The GO GREEN efforts are in full effect and plastic bag bans are happening all over South Jersey!

Not only is it forcing people to purchase reusable bags but the amount of waste making its way into our oceans is going to be substantially less.

But where in South Jersey are these bans taking place? Let's find out...

Long Beach

The plastic bag ban took effect in May but makes an exemption for bait shops.

Harvey Cedars

With only 22 business, this is the smallest community on the list but that is still 22 less businesses wasting plastic.

Stafford Township

The ban for plastic bags took effect in July so local businesses are being given 120 days to make the switch.


Longport is one of the towns to set the plastic-bag-ban trend back in 2015. Businesses are prohibited from giving out plastic bags but if a customer asks, they will be charged a $.10 fee.


The plastic bag ban was put into effect back in May and those who request one will be charged a $.5 fee. If businesses violate this rule, they can be fined up to $100 per violation.

Stone Harbor

This town passed an ordinance on August 7th along with plastic utensils and polystyrene food containers. The ban officially put into affect on June 1, 2019 and fines could cost up to $500.

Atlantic County

The plastic bag and plastic straw ban went into effect on August 13th. Only warnings will be issued for the first year but after that, fines can cost up to $500.

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