Harvey Cedars is jumping on the plastic bag ban!

The single-use plastic shopping bag is creating major pollution problems and are used only 15 minutes on average before being thrown away. There is already an issue with these bags causing major harm to the marine life because keep in mind that fish have evolved to eat food that floats.

So come October 1st, customers will need to use the reusable bags that will be given out for free prior to the official plastic bag ban or pay 5 cents per plastic bag.

In addition, Harvey Cedars on average goes through 300,000 plastic bags a season which is steep cost to pay for something that also has other major negative impacts.

While this may be one change for Harvey Cedars, it looks like there is an overall goal to eliminate the usage of plastic bags overall.

“The truth is we don’t want plastic bags out there at all,” said mayor John Spodofora.

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