If you're living in Philadelphia or plan to move there, you may want to reconsider your dream of adopting a pet! 

A new study has just released the best and worst cities for pet-friendly renters and Philadelphia did not land in a great spot. Of course, big cities are known for apartment living. With apartment living comes landlords and rules, especially when it comes to pets.


This new study by zumper.com took 100 U.S. cities and ranked them on how pet-friendly they are for renters. The list was made based on pet-friendly amenities, green spaces, and access to veterinary care.

According to this list, the top 10 most pet-friendly cities for renters are...

  1. Richmond, VA
  2. Madison, WI
  3. Columbus, OH
  4. Minneapolis, MN
  5. Kansas City, MO
  6. Omaha, NE
  7. Chattanooga, TN
  8. Des Moines, IA
  9. Denver, CO
  10. Portland, OR

When I took a look at this list, I kind of thought all of these picks made sense. These are probably the more relaxed cities in the U.S., which makes perfect sense as to why there are more resources for pet owners!


So you're probably dying to know where Philadelphia lands on this list. Out of 100 cities across America, Philadelphia came in at number 90, meaning it's for sure not considered a pet-friendly city! 

The top 5 least pet-friendly cities are...

  1. Jersey City, NJ
  2. Anaheim, CA
  3. Santa Ana, CA
  4. Urban Honolulu, HI
  5. New York, NY

If you're a pet owner and moving to Philadelphia, you deserve a pat on the back, because based off of this list, it's not easy!

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