At first, I thought it was just my family that counted down the days until the return of their favorite Wawa product.

Then I realized they weren't the only ones. There are Reddit pages dedicated to this item, YouTube and TikTok videos, and Facebook pages.

It has the feeling of an underground movement, full of rabid and dedicated fans of... Wawa Egg Nog.

Yes, egg nog.

As October progressed, my wife and kids would make special trips to the local Wawas to check the dairy case to see if 'the nog' was in stock. Mid-month, and it wasn't in stock, yet. A few days later and more frustration.

Where was the Wawa Egg Nog? Why are they teasing us?

It got to be late October and my wife Beth was openly concerned. She remembered egg nog being in stock by now in previous years. Had they discontinued the Wawa Egg Nog?

Then, on November 1, my daughters spotted cartons of egg nog at the Ventnor Wawa.

It's In!! It's in!! Wawa has EGG NOG!!

There was excited pandemonium at my house and immediate plans were made to get over to the local Wawas as soon as possible and clear out their egg nog inventory.

If you have been looking for a carton of egg nog at your local Wawa and can't find any, my family is probably responsible.

This is an odd disclosure at this point, but I have never been a fan of egg nog. Nothing personal, Wawa, I just don't do the nog. Consequently, I don't personally get into a frenzy when Wawa releases its nog. But the way my family reacts is very interesting people watching.

I am not telling my wife or kids that I wrote about their infatuation with Wawa Egg Nog and just how good they think it is, because I know they would react by saying that I was spoiling it for them. Now they will never be able to find the Wawa nog.

If you see a woman and two teenagers stalking the dairy case at Wawa, don't mention my name or bring up having read this egg nog confessional.

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