One of the things I've really missed since this whole mess started is going out to eat with family and friends. The timing for being able to enjoy outdoor dining couldn't be better since we're just starting the summer season.

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Outdoor dining finally returns to New Jersey this Monday, June 15th, after months of only being able to order takeout and delivery.

There are restrictions of course to keep us and workers safe including, tables being placed six feet apart from each other, eight customers to a table, all staff must wear masks and gloves and salad bars and buffets will be closed according to from

Now comes word that a new approved bill will allow restaurants and bars to serve customers on public streets, sidewalks and parking lots according to Towns will now be able to close off streets and traffic lanes in business areas for a few days a week. Bars, breweries and restaurants that would normally be closed, could now serve customers and patrons outside of their establishments.

Are you looking forward to dining out starting Monday?

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