Well....if I am being honest....this is not the worst news in the world.

Officials have declared that open booze containers on the Atlantic City boardwalk will be temporarily allowed to help keep our restaurants afloat during the pandemic.

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But now....a few officials are fighting to make this change permanent.

According to the PressofAtlanticCity.com, "The state Assembly unanimously voted in favor of a bill permitting public consumption of alcohol in designated areas of Atlantic City."

Now all we need is approval from the Senate and Governor Phil Murphy. Then it can officially become a law.

Here is how it would work. Boardwalk attendees who are at least 21 years old would be allowed to carry one alcoholic beverage at a time and they can only drink said alcohol beverage when they are hanging out in designated areas.

So you would be able to drink your drinks that you purchased while out and about within these areas.

“This is another way for businesses in the Tourism District to promote themselves,” said Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo. “The goal ... has been to make this a permanent law in an effort to continue revamping Atlantic City for a newer generation.”

May I also add that it would be good for business to allow open containers. There are a lot of bars and restaurants along the boardwalk and this could encourage bar hopping which may result in more sales.

Think about it. You grab a round of drinks and walk. Then when you all run out, you grab another round of drinks and play games. Then you grab another round of drinks and then maybe are in the mood to get something to eat.

It makes sense.

“This practice [of now allowing open booze containers] is becoming outdated as more cities across the nation are relaxing liquor laws in tourist areas,”  John Armato, both D-Atlantic and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. “It’s time we revamp Atlantic City’s own laws to match this trend while continuing to keep the tourism area a safe and welcoming place to visit.”

So.....what do you think? Are we responsible enough for this law to pass?

I hope so!

Take a look at the original article at PressOfAtlanticCity.com.

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