When most people resign from their position at work, they usually stop getting paid.  When you're a Superintendent of a New Jersey School District, things appear to be different.

According to a report at APP.com, Triantafillos Parlapanides, who was the Superintendent of Central Regional School District in Ocean County, continues to draw his reported $195,343 salary, despite submitting his resignation on February 11th.

This news came to light at a contentious school board meeting Thursday evening when an attendee asked the board why Parlapanides' resignation was not on the meeting's agenda.

In order for Parlapanides' resignation to be official, the board would have to address the issue during their meeting.  Instead, they approved the immediate "administrative leave of absence" of an unidentified district employee.

14-year-old Adriana Kuch was a student at Central Regional, in Ocean County when she was beaten while in the school by 4 teenage thugs.  The school never reported the assault to the police.  The assault was caught on video and uploaded to social media platforms.

The young girl was tormented by those who viewed the video and took her own life two days later.  Her family blames school bullying for their daughter's death.

Parlapanides drew intense criticism when, during an interview with a tabloid, he appeared to deflect blame for the assault back to the victim by revealing personal information about the girl and her family.

Michael Kuch, the young girl's father, told The NY Post,

“I want that entire administration gone.  The superintendent slandering people, bashing people. Calling Adriana a drug addict. What is wrong with this guy? He is incompetent.”

The school district has hired a public relations firm to handle press inquiries and has offered no reason why they haven't accepted the now-former superintendent's resignation.

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