Lifeguards up and down the Jersey shore have to deal with plenty of stressful situations on any given day. A lifeguard has to be able to recognize, respond and rescue in a matter of seconds.

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Lifeguards in Ocean City were put to the test after they responded to a swimmer in distress on Tuesday morning according to the Cape May County Herald.

The rescue of a seventy-two-year-old woman took place at the 39th Street beach just after 11 AM. The woman was face down in waist-deep water next to her husband and unresponsive. Lifeguards performed lifesaving CPR on the woman after bringing her to the beach. Thankfully she began to breathe on her own.

Ocean City Fire Department EMTs were also responded to the scene. The woman regained consciousness while being transported to AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center in Atlantic City.

What an awesome job by the Ocean City lifeguards!

My son was a lifeguard all through high school and college and he took his job very seriously. He put in a lot of hard work and training to make sure he was in the best shape he could possibly be the entire summer. Lifeguards need to stay in shape to make sure they can handle any situation or challenge thrown at them while in the water.


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