Every once in a while it's nice to have an extra special meal with someone you love. Am I right? 

NJ.com just came out with a list of the 27 most expensive restaurants in the entire state and according to the list, South Jersey has two eateries that made the list!

The award winning Old Homestead Steak House in Atlantic City makes the list at #12 where an average dinner for two will cost about $171, according to the list. Their filet mignon is out of this world! Definitely an awesome spot for a special occasion.

Next up on the list is Bobby Flay Steak also in Atlantic City coming in at #6 on the list. Dinner for two will cost an average of $200. Another awesome place where you can have a steak that cuts like butter! I'm salivating!

And the most expensive restaurant in the entire Garden State, according to the list is Restaurant Latour in Hamburg, located in Sussex County. An average price for dinner for two is $371, which is a bit out of my comfort zone for what I spend on a meal, but according to the reviews, may be worth it!

Source: NJ.com 

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