Is there anything better than a nice and relaxing stroll on the beach during the summer months?

If you're lucky enough to be able to enjoy at least one piece of New Jersey's amazing coastline in the summertime, then you know it's hard to come up with something to compete with a beautiful walk along the beach. Nothing quite beats having your toes in the sand.

Or so we thought...

A new video has been making its way around social media that shows off what could be the way everybody chooses to get around on Jersey's beaches this summer. Truth be told, I've never seen anything like it. Nevertheless, it's genius.

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I'm calling them "beach chair cruisers."

Now, I don't know if that's actually what they're called or how the heck these contraptions are even made. The best way to describe them is to compare them to hoverboards that you can sit on. The video makes it look like the guys are controlling them with little joysticks on the arms of the chairs.

Basically, they're beach chairs placed on top of a single wheel.

Seriously though, does anybody know where we can get our hands on some of these? Imagine whipping around in one of these bad boys at either the Tidal Wave or Barefoot Country Music Festivals this summer. They're probably super expensive, though.

Someone, most likely, threw these together themselves. If they're not available for purchase, these guys should get on that before somebody else does! They'd be rich! Hoverboards for the beach? Pretty sure everybody in Jersey would purchase one.

If they use the name "Beach Chair Cruiser," though, I want my cut. I came up with that part.

Check out the video below:

Source: Tiktok

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