Ah, summer time in South Jersey. There are so many fun things to do, like hit the beach, sip on a summer drink, go camping, or even have a summer BBQ with family and friends. The reason we love summer so much is also the same reason many hate it - the heat and humidity.

July is here and so is the first heatwave of the Summer of 2018!

The website Thrillist, ranked the worst states for "miserable summers" caused by heat and humidity. We're talking about places where it's not the heat, but the humidity that REALLY gets to you.

The Top 3 states ranked for the most miserable hot summers are:

#3. Arizona - I was stuck on a plane at the Phoenix airport during the summer. It was 110 degrees outside and a 115 degrees on the plane with the AC on full blast. At least it was a dry heat... I guess.

#2. Louisiana - I have a good friend in Baton Rouge, and he always asking me to come visit...  Except in June, July or August of course...

#1. Mississippi -  Mississippi has a relentless combination of heat and humidity.

That now brings us to the Garden State. New Jersey comes in at  #45 on the list, making it actually one of the best states in the country to beat the misery of summer heat and humidity.

da beach

For me, there's no better place to spend the summer than on one of our beautiful beaches or cool off at one of our lakes!

Source: Thrillist

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