If you need proof that people will steal anything these days, take a look at this surveillance video courtesy of the Millville Police.

Police are trying to identify the three guys seen stealing pallets from the loading dock of a local company about 8:45pm Wednesday, Jan 18.

According to the Millville Police Facebook page, pallet theft is a thing lately for people who want to use the wood for furniture and such.  Here's how the police explain it...

So making pallet furniture and knickknacks has been the hobby of many people as of late. I mean, I think everyone can appreciate some of the stuff that a simple pallet can be made into. Very nice way to spend ones time and be creative .

These guys pictured below apparently love the hobby so much that they decided to take pallets from a local business. That's not nice . So if anyone can help the business and us out in identifying these people it would be appreciated. Any and all info will be kept anonymous. PM, use our tip411 app or call us.

Take a look at this surveillance video and see if you recognize these master criminals...


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