Now, I am not sure if you got a chance to check out Eddie Davis' blog that discusses the things that older generations do better than millennials.




Well, I am a tad competitive so I thought I would flip the script because us Millennials are not all that bad! Quite the opposite actually!

Take a look.

1. Technology

As much as a lot of people clearly are not happy that our world has been drastically changed by technology, it has helped us to learn and communicate faster. The new smartphones, the faster laptops, and any technology that has helped us advance can fall in this category!

2. Social Media

Yes, this is a subcategory of technology but it is a completely different animal all on its own. There are so many details, ins and outs, and easy mistakes to make! You ever notice that some people's sole job is to manage the social media for a company? That is because there are live videos, hashtags, emojis, statuses, and more that all need to be posted with a purpose.

3. Hard Work

A common stigma for millennials is that we are a whiny and lazy generation. Well everyone I know is busting their butt through school while working a part time job for minimal income and an internship that is only for credits. At one point after college, I had FIVE part time jobs to make ends meet while also creating a reputation for myself in my preferred industry!

4. Being Proactive

It is the younger generation who is fueling the fire on enacting change regarding gun control. You see Facebook posts, polls, photos, and just overall more energy being put into enforcing change no matter how long it takes.

5. Adjusting With Change

There have been so many changes made to our society within the past decade alone. There is constantly a new form of technology so that when Millennials are introduced to a brand new program, for example, we can quickly learn and adapt to utilize it to its full potential because we learned all of the new technologies as they were introduced from the start.

6. Better Education

It was very normal for previous generations to not go to college in order to have a successful career for themselves and their families. Now, colleges are much more developed because it is expected for people to have a college degree before entering the work force. There are more clubs, programs, and majors for people to study exactly what they want to do!

7. Saying "No"

The road to developing a brand new career involves schooling, internships, and at times just solely giving your time for experience so that it all pays off later. However, it has become a necessity to learn when it is time to say "No!" Whether it be giving too much time at work, too much free time, or when it is just time to take a step back so our plates are not over-filled.

8. More Accepting

People that were once considered underdogs such as various groups of minorities and the LGBTQ society, has become much more accepted. Yes, there is still a bit of a ways to go but there are parades, more discussions being had, and even laws being passed so we know that we are all headed in the right direction.

9. Smart Shoppers

We use the internet to do our research on which products have the highest rating for the best price. By the click of a button, you can compare various products side by side so you can make the best choice for you!

10. Taking Our Time

Because it takes a tad more time to establish ourselves,  Millennials overall are not jumping into marriages or getting accidentally knocked up. Of course, there are exceptions but the reason shows like 16 & Pregnant are so successful is because the numbers prove there is a significant decrease is occurrences like these which is why the series is so interesting.

Tell me your thoughts below!

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