First let me just say that I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound after Tropical Storm Isaias ripped through South Jersey yesterday.

This storm left over one million New Jersey residents without power -- and some are still waiting for their power to be turned back on. If you need an estimate on when your power will return, click here.

But this video offers the explanation of why so much damaged was inflicted by the storm yesterday.

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The video below shows a "water spout-turned-tornado" that first touched down in Strathmere and then moved over into Marmora in Upper Township. This all went down Tuesday morning when the storm was just getting going.

To watch this drone footage, CLICK HERE.

Crazy right?

Hopefully, you took all of the warnings that were given to this storm seriously so you were prepared when the time came.

And if not, well this video is giving you a glimpse of what mother nature is capable of. Always know the warnings are to keep you safe.

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